Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Heart of Hearts

Ironically enough, I had already signed up for this blog months before it was a requirement for a class. I had never actually put my first blog up because I didn't force myself to sit and contemplate on what the heck to talk about. So when that moment finally came, I sat up one night asking myself what exactly I am passionate about. I remember feeling a little frustrated as I thought of all my friends who were so sure of themselves and their own passions. I, on the other hand, was always on the opposite end of that spectrum. Then I wondered, what is it that I ramble on the most about to my best friends? Well, I thought, I do talk a lot about friendships, how important they are to me, family dynamics, people I work with, and how often I try to maintain drama free environments in all areas of my life. That’s it – I think! Man, can I really blog about relationships. I mean, is that weird or something? Would I run out of things to say? But, hey, I figured, why not?!

While science, money, and career rule other people’s lives, relationships rule mine. On the verge of turning the big “dirty 30” club in a few weeks, I’ve watched myself evolve through pain in family relationships, have more failures than successes in romantic relationships, and strengthen my character through learning to work through conflicts on the job. Welcome to my heart. Welcome to my thoughts and my reflections. I hope that you should learn through my past experiences, and open to learning from my future ones. These are the very things that tickle my fancy. Successful relationships are what I find that I thrive off of. A little different from most, I suppose. But I’m ok with that. I hope you are too.



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